About The Ecclissi Watch Collection

Robert Elizondo brings his years of fine jewelry experience to designing the renowned Ecclissi Sterling Silver Watch Collection. Influences from Robert's creative journey can be seen in the wide range of watch styles.

Having grown up in the southwest, I have been inclined to use sterling silver in my collections from the beginning. I had an interesting epiphany early in my career and realized that very few watch companies offered product in sterling silver. It surprised me that there was an entire group of sterling jewelry collectors that had no option to coordinate a silver watch. I designed my first timepiece in 1985 and have been adding to and evolving the collection since. I am proud that I can practice my craft and fill an important niche in the market.

– Robert Elizondo

Many silver jewelry enthusiasts follow the Ecclissi watch collection closely, adding multiple pieces to their assortment because of their proven quality and design.