Robert Elizondo brings his years of fine jewelry experience to designing the renowned Ecclissi Sterling Silver Watch Collection. Influences from Robert’s creative journey can be seen in the wide range of watch styles.

“I am continually driven by my belief that a fine jewelry wardrobe should include a watch of equal quality and status. I know that a beautiful watch truly completes a look. I like to create an assortment of styles to work with any mood or outfit.” –Robert Elizondo

Many silver jewelry enthusiasts follow the Ecclissi watch collection closely, adding multiple pieces to their assortment because of their proven quality and design.



As a native of Arizona, sterling silver is a natural choice for designer Robert Elizondo. Growing up in a family involved in Native American arts and jewelry, Robert experienced first-hand the unique beauty of sterling silver as used in jewelry. So, it was an easy choice when designing his earliest jewelry and timepiece collections.

Sterling silver is a precious metal containing no less than 92.5% fine silver. Alloys, such as copper, are added to offer additional strength. Use the same care as for any sterling jewelry. Keep your silver watch in a dry location and simply buff with a soft cloth occasionally to maintain its beautiful luster. Polishing cloths containing chemical compounds may also be used to remove tarnish if needed.



Looking for his next new direction, Robert Elizondo created the Ecclissi Facets Gemstone Collection in 2012 to create timepieces that would highlight gemstones. The Facets Collection is crafted in high-grade stainless steel and features a wide array of gemstones both precious and semi-precious. Look for the amazing pop of color these beautiful gems bring to this new watch collection.